Gamification Evangelists

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A Leaderboard of people who have been talking about Gamification in the last week.

This is NOT meant to be a list of experts, just people who have mentioned gamification. My hope is that this leaderboard may be a way to connect people with an interest in gamification. You can click on their twitter name to get in touch.

Thanks to Toby Beresford (Who not only created Leaderboarded, but also runs the Gamification Gurus list).

[leaderboarded slug=’gamification-evangelists’][/leaderboarded]

If you don’t see the Leaderboard, please refresh the page, the plugin is in it’s alpha infancy!!

For those who have asked, the board is made up of the following criteria.

Weighted at 60% gamification mentions, 30% Kred Influence and 10% Kred Outreach.

This will probably evolve over time, I am tempted to include things like Behavioural Economics. Any suggestions, please contact me!

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  1. rich_wallace says:

    Hi Andrei, looking today, the leaderboard doesn’t seem to be working… how refreshed but no joy.. just see [leaderboarded slug=’gamification-evangelists’][/leaderboarded].

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