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10 Things You Need to Learn From Apple’s Marketing

Steve Jobs didn’t have a master’s degree, and he certainly wasn’t an engineer, but he excelled at marketing. Those marketing skills propelled Apple into the top spot and turned the company around from near bankruptcy. Apple’s marketing has become a benchmark for other companies that want to reach similar heights of recognition and revenue. Whether […]

7 Everyday Ways You Are Lowering Your Intelligence

How feeling like an expert, googling it and more could be lowering your intelligence. 1. Saturated fat reduces cognitive flexibility A high-fat, high-sugar diet causes significant damage to cognitive flexibility, a new study finds. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to adjust and adapt to changing situations. The research was carried out on laboratory mice. They […]

Narrative and Ephemeral Content, and When to Use Each Type

People value Snapchat for its informal tone, and perhaps Instagram’s new Stories function will encourage the same informality. Rather than the tight control you need to tell your organization’s story, ephemeral content allows you to briefly reconnect in a more off-the-cuff manner. For inspiration, look to lighthearted content like Charity: Water’s Halloween Snaps, or follow […]

The Follower Contract

Why do people follow other people? Most businesses aren’t paying much attention to the why question. Instead, they focus more on the how — how do I get people to follow? What most businesses are forgetting about their followers is that there’s an important time displacement: People follow other people (present) as an act of […]

David Mullich – A Lesson In Teaching Gamification

Gamification may be widely talked about in the media, but it’s still not widely taught in school. But today you’ll hear how Los Angeles Film School instructor David Mullich teaches his game design students about gamification. Today you’ll hear David’s point of view on how gamification is generally viewed by other video game designers, why […]