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Social and Emotional Learning: Measuring the Success of E-Learning

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If you want…

If you want employees to go job hunting in order to leverage you into giving them a raise to keep them, then by all means, only give them a raise when they go job hunting. If you want vendors to nickel and dime you for the last penny, then by all means, stretch out their […]

Top 10 tips for gamifying your eLearning – e-Learning Feeds

Games and gamification are the fastest growing areas in learning and development. A recent research report projected the global gamification market to grow from $421.3 million in 2013 to $5.502 billion in 2018 – that’s a compound annual growth rate of a whopping 67.1%! We’ve always been advocates of using game design principles in learning […]

Opinion: Games are under-represented in official statistics, but we can fix it

Last week’s MCV and UKIE figures valuing the market for games in the UK showed a growth once more in consumer hunger for games. The consumer market grew by 13 per cent, reaching £3.944bn in 2014, almost on par with its value in 2008. The strength and geographical spread of the sector was also highlighted […]

Azuga Fleet® Announces First-Ever Fleet Awards Program Honoring Safest Fleet Drivers in -

Azuga launched the industry’s first-ever awards program this month. Azuga Safe Driving Awards is designed to motivate and incentivize both fleet managers and drivers to practice safer, more efficient driving. The quarterly program, initiated and funded by Azuga, will help fleet managers increase overall ROI and, ultimately increase safety in the communities where they live […]

Going beyond the Carrot and Stick – Smart strategies for Employee Engagement and Retention -

Overview Date & Venue 2:00 pm To 6:00 pm, Wednesday, 25 February, 2015 1st Floor Atrium HSBC Hyderabad Hexagon Building (adjacent to Lemon tree hotel) Hi Tech City, MadhapurHyderabad,India Traditionally Managers worldwide employ the Carrot and stick approach to motivate the employee workforce. While the Carrot stands for rewards for good performance, stick stands for […]

Did you catch @SeanEllis’s talk on Growth Hacking for B2B? Good stuff! buff

B2B sales are not easy. We are in the enterprise market and it takes a lot of nurturing and patience to make a sale. We do two things. 1. The tools: I listed some here – very simple stuff but the strategy stuff is missing. I will add those later – that is true growth […]