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Google Cardboard

Within the Design Lab, the principles are categorized into interactive chapters, dubbed “Foundation” and “Immersion”. Foundation focuses on, and teaches designers about, basic VR guidelines, which are more or less universally agreed upon. Immersion is more exploratory, both in theory and within the Cardboard Design Lab experience itself. Google collaborated with ustwo to not only […]

Personal Branding: A Fine Line Between Ego and Enterprise Success

With the growth of personal blogs, social media, and other online media, there has been a rapid rise in the number of individuals both within management, and the rank and file of organizations, who are building, and seeking to build, substantial online reputations. However, many companies aren’t necessarily looking at social media as a platform […]

PlayStation’s Hollie Bennett on the first thing you should do before starting a YouTube channel

After participating in this week’s Social Buzz Chat, PlayStation UK community manager Hollie Bennett gave us her tips on how brands and content creators can thrive on YouTube. For me this depends on who you are and why you are starting a channel. Chances are you are either A) a company looking to start a […]

The short run and the long run

It’s about scale. Pick a long enough one (or a short enough one) and you can see the edges. In the short run, there’s never enough time. In the long run, constrained resources become available. In the short run, you can fool anyone. In the long run, trust wins. In the short run, we’ve got […]