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RPG Characters: The Obsidian Method

I played some of Obsidian’s new game: Pillars of Eternity. Obviously, I haven’t finished it. I only spent about 40 hours on it. It’s good, but I’d like to talk about design a bit. I am vaguely creating an RPG engine, so it’s good to think about these things, have tools ready to help people […]

How to make an educational game kids want to play -

There are plenty of serious conversations taking place this week at SXSWedu in Austin — student data, social learning, digital citizenship, online degrees. But there is also a lot of serious talk about games, and how they can be used to help engage kids and improve learning. In 2013, the market for educational games was […]

Vol 51, No 2 (2015)

DOI: Gamification, which refers to applying gaming elements to a real-world activity, is not necessarily a new idea. But (1) the rapid adoption of the smartphone, (2) the tremendous growth of the mobile web, and (3) the increased use of social media have made it possible for gamification to be implemented in an unprecedentedly […]

Increased spending on loyalty programs not increasing engagement -

Companies spent $2 billion on loyalty programs in the United States last year, yet a majority of businesses are reporting that these investments are not translating into increased customer engagement. As much as 89 percent of social media opinion on loyalty is negative, and these negative feelings are attributed to a lack of reward relevance, […]