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Game Maker’s Toolkit debuts new series on designing for accessibility

“Video games are for everyone. But disabled people can be left out if developers don’t consider their needs.” – Game Maker’s Toolkit’s Mark Brown on designing for disability. Game Maker’s Toolkit’s Mark Brown launched a new video series today exploring the best practices for making games more accessible to a wide range of disabilities. Starting […]

AI bots suck at marking written essays, not too shabby at old Atari games, and more…

The week in AI Roundup Hello, here’s a quick roundup of some announcements from the world of AI this week. OpenAI researchers reach the highest score yet on the computer game Montezeuma’s Revenge through reinforcement learning, DeepMind teaches its bots to play Capture the Flag on Quake III Arena and the US Department of Education […]

Blizzard adds a positivity-driven ‘endorsements’ system to Overwatch

Blizzard has introduced a new report-like option to Overwatch, but instead of being used to call out unscrupulous behavior the new endorsements system focuses on rewarding players for their positive interactions instead. Overwatch, like most all online games out there, has been fighting a battle against toxic and otherwise misbehaving players since day one. While […]

Experts Advise Players and Parents On Newly Added Gaming Disorder

The World Health Organization (WHO) is giving gamers something to think about beyond their digital screens, as the organization just added “gaming disorder” to their newest edition of the International Classification of Diseases. Gaming disorder is listed in the “Mental, behavioural or neurodevelopmental disorders” category under “Disorders due to addictive behaviours.” The WHO cites that […]

Gamify Sales Training to Boost Learning Transfer

“Think of the engaging elements of why people play games—it’s not just for the points—it’s for the sense of engagement, immediate feedback, feeling of accomplishment, and success of striving against a challenge and overcoming it.” – Karl Kapp, The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Gameplay in the learning process is a natural fit for sales […]

How to Build a Game #47 Body Language Makes for Great Feedback

If you haven’t heard this from other designers or experienced this for yourself, play testers like to be polite when it comes to feedback. What this means is that the feedback you get from a form or verbal questions might be different that what your testers are really thinking. Here is a way around that […]