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Level Up With eLearning Games – eLearning Industry

Players gonna play, play, play the eLearning game Don’t be mad at your car. Just consider it great inspiration for your next eLearning course. And no, I don’t mean design your course to match your car—unless you have racing stripes or something really cool. No, I mean it’s time to add a game to your […]

QuizUp is trying to reinvent itself by turning into a social network

One of the strangest things any company can do is suddenly shove a social network in your face. It’s even worse when a service you’re used to suddenly gets socialized in a way that is unavoidable. A recent example of that is Google requiring a Google+ account for anyone to comment on a YouTube video […]

Using C.R.A.P Web Design For eLearning – eLearning Industry -

C.R.A.P Web Design For eLearning Last week we began looking at some web design practices we could (and should) be borrowing from web design to help create exceptional elearning. Last week was scrolling and this week, we’ll be borrowing C.R.A.P principles from visual design, in other words, C.R.A.P web design for elearning. Robin Williams described […]

Developers come clean about the realities of crunch -

“Many teams (indie and AAA alike) seem to start a project already calculating in crunch to the schedule for added content or productivity, which is bizarrely short-sighted and disgusting.” – Developer Tanya X. Short rails against how crunch seems to be ingrained in game development culture. Crunch time, once a romanticized aspect of game development […]