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It’s not about winning

In a gamification strategy the goal is not winning. It’s about becoming, learning, growing. There will be win states, but if you make the strategy about winning, then it becomes a competition and sports have that area developed and covered and it shouldn’t be the main objective of a gamified environment. If anything, the goal […]

Office 365 Crushes Google Apps In Enterprise: Microsoft Now Controls Over 25% Market Share

Office 365 has overtaken Google Apps in the business market by more than tripling its share in one year, according to a new report from cloud security firm Bitglass. The report shows that Microsoft has stormed ahead to take control of 25.2 percent of the market, up from 7.7 percent last year. “In the last […]

The Infocom Cabinet: Binders and Folders of Infocom, Inc. (1981-1987)

The Infocom Cabinet: Binders and Folders of Infocom, Inc. (1981-1987) 623 623 Infocom Cabinet: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 2015 2015 by Steve Meretzky and Douglas Adams texts eye 623 favorite 5 comment 0 Infocom Cabinet Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy A collection of digitized scans from a large cache of documents related to the […]

J.K. Rowling Explains One Of Harry Potter’s Most Complex Storylines

Harry Potter fans love a good old debate over many of the book’s storylines, but drawing your own conclusion still leaves doubt. So why not go straight to the source as she is highly active on social media? The burning question one Twitter user posed to author J.K. Rowling related to why Harry named his […]


What can i use it for? Sky’s the limit! Here’s a few ideas:– Meeting rooms– Support calls– Sales meetings– Dentist appointments– Car rentals– Yoga sessions– Team workshops Can i use it In web apps? Sure thing. There are two ways to use the library: with autoloading (default) or by manual initialization. With the latter, you […]

Gamification creeps closer and closer

eSports (essentially playing computer games competitively, and in teams) is the fastest growing pastime in the US. This tells us a great deal not just about how Millennials like to spend their free time, but also about the way that they interact and think. Gamification is one of those terms that has been over hyped […]

3 Ways To Support Corporate Technology-aided Learning Solutions 

Technology-aided learning programs allow employees to work on a more flexible schedule as they provide the flexibility of time and location. At the same time, such training programs require greater effort and skills as most of them are self-paced. The learner needs to have considerable personal organization and study skills to engage in fruitful eLearning. […]