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Pokemon Go leads to international incident on U.S. border

In a mission to “catch ’em all,” two Alberta teens caused an international incident this week, after unknowingly walking into a different country illegally while playing Pokemon GO. On Thursday evening, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended and detained the two teens, who were “walking southbound from Canada into the U.S. while playing Pokemon GO.” The […]

Ford, Escape the Room Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

If gaining customer loyalty involves providing a very unique customer experience, then Ford Motor Company is certainly on the road to success, given its latest partnership with Escape the Room. Ford has teamed up with the popular experiential game Escape the Room to create the ultimate game experience: The first-ever driveable game that will challenge […]

9 Ways To Create Training Value With Extended Enterprise Learning

Extended Enterprise Learning To Increase Overall Training Efficacy With the evident success and popularity of eLearning, more and more organizations are implementing an enterprise-wide technology-aided Learning and Development platform that provides all employees a continuous access to training, regardless of time and location. While this is indeed beneficial at many levels, the potential of eLearning […]