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Google Changes Every Blogspot Domain to HTTPS

Google is again showing its support for a more secure web with a move made today which sees every Blogspot domain being moved to HTTPS. Good news for bloggers is that this change is completely automatic and doesn’t require the user to do anything. In addition, Google has redirected all the HTTP Blogspot URLs to […]

Make New Mistakes: Zootopia director on the creative process

Quote from Zootopia director Byron Howard: When you’re a storyboard artist here at Disney you have to be comfortable with your work getting thrown away. All of us who storyboard on this movie have done literally thousands of drawings that have wound up in the garbage, because these ideas come in and go out of […]

When Should I Start Thinking About Gamification in My Product?

Reading Time: 2 minutes (ish) TL:TR NOW! A question I am often asked is “I am making a new product, when should I start looking at gamification?” That is usually combined with “How much will it cost?” The answer to the second is linked to the first, but the first is much easier to answer! […]