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What is a Full Stack developer?

Is it reasonable to expect mere mortals to have mastery over every facet of the development stack? Probably not, but Facebook can ask for it. I was told at OSCON by a Facebook employee that they only hire ‘Full Stack’ developers. Well, what does that mean? To me, a Full Stack Developer is someone with […]

How to Use ZBL

You do NOT need to use the curriculum exactly as is. It is designed to be flexible and to allow creativity and localization to be most effective and engaging for both the teacher and the students. There are ten units, and approximately 75 hours of instruction. Approximately 35% of that instruction is guided project work. […]

David Mullich – Gamification and Learning… A Video Game Designer’s POV

This week my guest is David Mullich, a video game producer and designer, and our topic is – Gamification and Learning Today David and I will explore gamification from the perspective of an experienced video game designer who uses gamification in the classroom to teach game design to students. How traditional video game designers view […]

Answering #Gamification Questions from a 7th Grade Student-Part 2

Posted by Karl Kapp on January 6, 2017 Here is part two of the questions about gamification from a 7th grade in a California school. You can see part one of the question and answer session at this link (and you want to check it out, she asked some great questions). 10. How long have […]

Answering #Gamification Questions from a 7th Grade Student-Part 1

Posted by Karl Kapp on January 5, 2017 The other day I received a very nice email from a 7th grade student in a high school is California. She wanted to know if I could answer a few questions about gamification as she saw my TEDx talk and has gotten interested in the subject of […]

Renewing Medium’s focus

We’ve decided to make some major changes at Medium. I’ll start with the hard part: As of today, we are reducing our team by about one third — eliminating 50 jobs, mostly in sales, support, and other business functions. We are also changing our business model to more directly drive the mission we set out on originally. […]