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How digital workplaces keep workers connected

High-performing companies are moving to open seating and implementing social software in the interest of enhancing employee connectedness, according to MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). Such initiatives reflect a growing emphasis on digital technologies and a desire to better align with customer preferences. “We’ve talked for years about employee engagement but we still […]

The blurring between Design Thinking and Agile

The blurring between Design Thinking and Agile Which is best? Which should you use? What are the differences? And why is there so much discussion about the blurry line between the two methodologies? A recent internal email chain at IDEO discussed the question of Design Thinking vs. Agile at IDEO. The question: how does IDEO […]

A Toolkit for Social Media Engagement

Social media is meant to be social. I know that statement may sound shockingly obvious but it bears repeating, especially if your business still spends more time talking at people rather than with them. This often happens because the business is investing more time and energy into publishing than engagement. Publishing refers to all the […]

Human brain mapping study suggests you might be hard-wired for altruism

It’s an age-old quandary: Are we born “noble savages” whose best intentions are corrupted by civilization, as the 18th century Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau contended? Or are we fundamentally selfish brutes who need civilization to rein in our base impulses, as the 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes argued? After exploring the areas of the […]

6 TED Talks on how your brain constructs reality

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