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Gamification, It’s Not Just for Learning the ABCs & 123s

Think about the last game you played—what was it? Was it physical, like a board game or card game with friends? Maybe it was digital on your mobile device. Or perhaps it was a combination—a game on your smartphone played with team members across the internet? All of us have played a game at some […]

The More You Know: Making Decisions Interesting in Games

Stardock’s Jon Shafer, who previously led development of Civilization V at Firaxis, explains how it’s possible to create a game full of “very interesting and very difficult decisions.” Knowledge is power. Game designers ignore this old adage at their own peril. As developers we want our games to empower people to live out their fantasies, […]

Stop Asking Consultants to Give You the Answer

Our clients are increasingly buried in work, and their schedules are always booked solid. As we work with them to understand their needs, they frequently ask us, “Why can’t you just give us the answer?” We will tell you what we tell them: “Our experience clearly shows the best answers come from co-creating the solution […]