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Gamification creeps closer and closer

eSports (essentially playing computer games competitively, and in teams) is the fastest growing pastime in the US. This tells us a great deal not just about how Millennials like to spend their free time, but also about the way that they interact and think. Gamification is one of those terms that has been over hyped […]

3 Ways To Support Corporate Technology-aided Learning Solutions 

Technology-aided learning programs allow employees to work on a more flexible schedule as they provide the flexibility of time and location. At the same time, such training programs require greater effort and skills as most of them are self-paced. The learner needs to have considerable personal organization and study skills to engage in fruitful eLearning. […]

Meaningful Decisions: T.C. Petty III on Design Choices in VivaJava Dice

In our Meaningful Decisions series, we ask designers about the design choices they made while creating their games, and what lessons other designers can take away from those decisions. In this edition, we talk with T.C. Petty III, the designer of VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game, about balancing different strategies, dice manipulation, player […]

Playbrush turns your kid?s toothbrush into a game controller for just $50 –

It isn’t always easy to get children to do the rather mundane ‘adult’ task of brushing their teeth twice every single day. So, turning it into a fun activity can surely be no bad thing; enter Playbrush. Available from today in the EU, US and Canada at $51 (€49) apiece, Playbrush fits on the bottom […]

Portuguese Town Uses Gamification to Get an Amazing 25% Turnout for Participatory –

***Share with Shareable! Give generously today to support our coverage of the real sharing economy and keep this article commercial free.*** The Portuguese town of Ovar recently had an impressive 25 percent of its residents turn out to vote in its first participatory budgeting campaign. A seaside town of 55,398, Ovar is one of the […]