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Gamasutra – Why Naughty Dog removed ‘fun’ from its Uncharted 4 focus tests

“‘Fun’ is such an interesting word. We took it off our focus tests. It was just a weird word that people were getting hung up on.” – Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann. Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media is in the process of launching a new games-focused hub, Glixel, and part of its opening salvo […]

Balancing Your Game

We sprinkle in these game balancing topics, among others, into our discussion: Easy to Balance Games Hard to Balance Games How many playtests? How to Make Adjustments Cutting to Balance Balancing and Adding Types of Players Length of Game Keeping Scores Close Audio Version: …read more

Google Cardboard

Within the Design Lab, the principles are categorized into interactive chapters, dubbed “Foundation” and “Immersion”. Foundation focuses on, and teaches designers about, basic VR guidelines, which are more or less universally agreed upon. Immersion is more exploratory, both in theory and within the Cardboard Design Lab experience itself. Google collaborated with ustwo to not only […]