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Details about Boss ST-2 Power Stack Guitar Pedal

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Amazon tries to make warehouse work more fun by turning real tasks into video games

Some of Amazon’s warehouse workers don’t have to choose between work and play with the introduction of company-created video games that turn tedious tasks into productive fun. A detailed report from The Washington Post describes how the company has installed screens at many of its warehouse workers’ stations that allow employees to turn tasks like […]

Fret Talk Episode 95 – “Wet Nonsense”

BudgetPedalChap and Matt Quine do a podcast, as per the usual. We discuss the unearthing of some old guitars and how that can inspire some creativity. We get all talky talky about some new offerings coming from our man at Fletcher pickups and the first impressions on the new set in the Snotburst SG. We […]

The 1990s, as told through major British video game releases

Before Grand Theft Auto, DMA Design published the first Lemmings in 1991. Lemmings stemmed from a test, throwaway animation in 1989 of a tiny creature moving endlessly. One studio member, Russell Kay, saw the animated pre-lemming and exclaimed: “There’s a game in that!” And he turned out to be more than right on that count. […]

Why appraisals are pointless for most people

Whether a business model is built on gigabytes, interest rates or the latest innovations in aluminium siding, every company ultimately depends on its people — some more than others. Businesses of any size have stars that drive productivity and get results, but look beyond those high achievers — the break room might be one place […]

Games, Play, Inspiration Around the World

Recently, I had the opportunity to examine the roles of games and game playing in six different counties around the world for a five-week period. During that time, I traveled to each country and studied the role of game playing. I wanted to understand the history and playing of games to gain first-hand insights into […]

The serious games of the Oulipians

Have you heard of the Oulipo? The long-running Parisian workshop for experimental writing? Even if you haven’t, you might have heard of some of its members: Georges Perec, Italo Calvino, Marcel Duchamp. The group’s stock-in-trade (so-called ‘constrained writing’) is best illustrated by their most notorious production: Perec’s 1969 novel La Disparition which manages to avoid […]

Video: The making of the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller required the Microsoft Devices team to reexamine their own practices and ultimately challenge their biases and assumptions to embrace more inclusive design. In this talk from GDC 2019, Bryce Johnson (Inclusive Lead, Microsoft Devices) and Erin Muston-Firsch (Occupational Therapist, Craig Hospital) discuss the process of designing the Xbox Adaptive Controller […]

Video: How co-op VR is used to help train astronauts for space

The tools of game development can be used to help train astronauts for their voyages to the edge of known space, and at GDC last year a panel of Opaque Space devs and experts from Boeing and NASA took the stage to explain how. It was an earnest discussion exploring the many ways VR training […]