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How to Build a Game #8 Build Your Prototypes Early

Build your first prototype as early as you can in the process. Your first prototype does not have to be pretty, doesn’t have to be seen by anyone else, it just has to exist. The benefits of producing your first prototype are numerous. A first prototype gives you a new level of focus, gives your […]

Numbers in games – what they say about us

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150 Patents Later, What One Female Inventor Learned About Innovation

By Lisa Seacat DeLuca, IBM Software engineer. Inventor. Mother of toddler twins. Nerd puller of late night coding jags. And, at 32, the most prolific female inventor at IBM with more than 150 patents in areas such as mobile, data, and cloud, to my name. I’m one of the faces of innovation at IBM. One […]

Razer partners with China Telecom for smartband gamifacation

Razer’s smartband could get a big boost through a new Chinese partnership. Gaming in China American gaming hardware maker Razer will partner with China Telecom to connect Razer’s Nabu line of wearables to the Chinese company’s E-Game mobile gaming platform. This move opens a pathway for Razer’s devices into E-Game’s 200 million registered users, 20 […]