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7 great minigames the developers should study

Many games have interesting and rewarding minigames embedded inside of them. Think of the card game Pazaak in Knights of the Old Republic, which invites players to pause the flow of their adventure to reinforce lessons of skill and chance. Or the hacking minigames in Deus Ex, Fallout, and Bioshock, which present players with micro-challenges […]

Video: 50 common game camera mistakes — and how to fix them

“Cameras are most noticeable when they fail.” – Thatgamecompany engineer John Nesky. What’s the last game you played that had a really great camera system? For that matter, what does it even mean to design a “great” camera? At GDC 2014, Thatgamecompany “Feel Engineer” John Nesky spoke passionately about the importance of good camera design […]