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Is Gamification Important in 2017?

You’ve decided to use gamification in 2017, and you want to choose the best platform. Gamification is actually a high-risk choice, because if you use it, you can’t afford to get mediocre results. You want to shine as the one who had the vision, creativity, and courage to use it and transform your business and […]

The First 100 Days

Donald Trump has made many statements about his plans. Below are the concrete items from Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter, which contains his promises for his first 100 days. Here, we will track fulfillment of those promises, and update it daily during the initial 100 day period. Learn more Follow along on Twitter […]

The Science of Getting People to Say ‘Yes’

In both the business environment and in personal life it is essential to know how to get what you want — and get people to say “Yes” to your requests. But, how do you approach people so that they are more likely to agree to your proposal, sales pitch or ideas? Continue Reading Below Two […]