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8 Good Things We All Can Learn From Millenials –

Millennials are the last generation with a front row seat experiencing the change from analog to digital. Their youthful eyes saw the world turn global and connected. They were witness to the introduction of the sharing collaborative economy. What can we learn from them? What is a Millennial? Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are […]

Microsoft Wants More ‘Minecraft’ In Education For All The Right Reasons

Ever since Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 Billion, fans of the game have wondered what the world’s most popular video game would become in the hands of the world’s largest software company. Microsoft, however, seems much more excited about what the world’s most popular video game could look like in the hands of more teachers. […]

Player Practices (4): The Liberation of Games

Despite the prevailing trends in games over the previous century producing a massive diversification of player practices, the discourses on games identified last week have insisted on asserting the artificial unity of the videogame or digital game, as opposed to ‘analogue’ games. This point needs drawing out in terms of the concept of player practices […]

Why humans run the world

History professor Yuval Noah Harari — author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind — explains why humans have dominated Earth. The reason is not what you might expect. 70,000 years ago humans were insignificant animals. The most important thing to know about prehistoric humans is that they were unimportant. Their impact on the world […]

Video: Mario jumps into Unreal Engine 4

Watch Nintendo’s famous mascot traverse UE4-powered HD environments 3D artist Aryok Pinera has dropped a fully animated 3D Mario into Unreal Engine 4. The HD environment assets were all taken from the Unreal Marketplace, and include areas from Epic’s Elemental and Matinee Fight Scene tech demos. All the character actions were scripted in Blueprints, with […]