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Gamasutra – Cities: Skylines dev: Don’t punish your players; teach them

Karolina Korppoo is the lead designer of Colossal Order’s remarkably successful Cities: Skylines, and while deconstructing the game at GDC Europe today she encouraged developers to focus on rewarding players for learning, rather than punishing them for failure. “If you have the greatest game in the world, but nobody knows how to play it, it’s […]

True virtual reality: The race to build a ‘metaverse’

“For any one company to say, ‘We are building the metaverse’ is pretty hyperbolic. Building all the pieces is going to be hard, and the way you imagine things in sci-fi doesn’t always translate over to the way things will be in the real world.” – Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey The race to build […]

A Company Copes With Backlash Against the Raise That Roared

There are times when Dan Price feels as if he stumbled into the middle of the street with a flag and found himself at the head of a parade. Three months ago, Mr. Price, 31, announced he was setting a new minimum salary of $70,000 at his Seattle credit card processing firm, Gravity Payments, and […]

The Secret to Being a Better Leader Is Telling Great Stories—Here’s How to Start

When we analyze the people who have inspired us to think differently and take action—from marching on Washington to buying the first iPhone—we usually end up circling the same question: What makes great leaders? Is it their expertise? Their personality? Their intelligence? Their likeableness? How they look? While it’s usually a combination of many things, […]


This week my guest is David Mullich, a video game producer and designer, and our topic is – Gamification and Learning Today David and I will explore gamification from the perspective of an experienced video game designer who uses gamification in the classroom to teach game design to students. How traditional video game designers view […]

How This Startup Is Helping Restaurants Be More Efficient About Delivery

This story first appeared in the August issue of Entrepreneur. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. Door-to-door delivery is a service plagued by a lack of reliability and consistency. “It is something that’s way harder than it actually looks,” says Tony Xu, co-founder and CEO of Palo Alto, Calif.-based DoorDash, which has created […]

Gamification Ate My PowerPoint –

At some point in your career, your brain probably experienced death by PowerPoint. I’m sure you know what I mean, but here is the official definition: A state of boredom and fatigue induced by information overload It’s a tragedy that strikes workforces every day, and this is its most common cause: an hour-plus monologue or […]