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The Best Keyword Research Tools

SBI! for WP is how you are going to: Focus your business on areas that will get results Discover the topics your visitors and customers crave Uncover competition or partnership opportunities instantly This powerful tool is uniquely positioned to help you do that, and more. This is SiteSell’s SBI! service for the WordPress platform. …read […]

Video: Understanding why your game ‘feels’ bad (and how to fix it)

Let’s talk about “game feel” for a moment. It’s a nebulous concept, to be sure, but at GDC Europe 2015 indie developer Nicolae Berbece tried to break it down as more than just “that thing that makes you say ‘this game feels great, but I don’t know why,’” and offer practical steps that you can […]

iOS 9 content blocking will transform the mobile Web: I’ve tried it

The next version of iOS comes with a major new feature called ‘content blockers’ which will allow users to install apps that block trackers, advertisements and other unwanted content for the first time. Much has been written about the impending threat of ad blocking on iOS — it’s the first time blocking mobile advertisements en […]

Super Mario Maker teaches you the anguish of being an indie developer

“Making good levels is hard,” they told me. “Getting them noticed is even harder.” I was discussing Super Mario Maker with another writer who had early access to the game. They were lamenting that many other folks out there had the same basic idea for a level, so it came down to who did it […]

Ukie responds to ASA ruling

Ukie responds to ASA ruling The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) today issued a ruling against two children’s games, Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils, after a complaint was made against the two games by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The ASA found both games had breached the Advertising Code by including direct exhortations to children […]