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Does Playing Video Games Help or Hinder Social Interactions?

Does Playing Video Games Help or Hinder Social Interactions? Written by Amanda Leo of the HCI Games Group It seems like an age old argument among educators, parents, caretakers and peers; are video games good or bad for social behaviour? Parents often worry that participating in video games will give their children poor morals, increase […]

Turn Off Your Push Notifications. All of Them

Push notifications are ruining my life. Yours too, I bet. Download more than a few apps and the notifications become a non-stop, cacophonous waterfall of nonsense. Here’s just part of an afternoon on my phone: “Hi David! We found new Crown jewels and Bottle caps Pins for you!” “Everyone’s talking about Bill Nye’s new book, […]

Level up: How video games evolved to solve significant scientific problems

reader comments 23 Share this story Yes, folks, this was once a revolutionary experience in gaming. In the early 1950s, just as rock ‘n’ roll was hinting at social change, the first video games were quietly being designed in the form of technology demonstrations—and a scientist was behind it. In October 1958, Brookhaven National Laboratory […]

Aston Barclay’s ‘gamification’ of the auction

Aston Barclay group has begun its own digital revolution of the remarketing industry with its Buyer App set into introduce an element of “gamification” to the auction house. The nation’s largest independent remarketing business has officially launched the new app, which is now free to download on the App store in Android or IOS format, […]