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Alexa Is a Revelation for the Blind

“Is it ‘Electra?’” my father asks, leaning in close to the Amazon Echo my mother has just installed. Leaning in close is his trademark maneuver: Dad has been legally blind since age 18, the result of a horrible car crash in 1954. He has lived, mostly successfully, with limited vision for the 64 years since. […]

Gamers make good security experts

McAfee suggests looking at your gaming history Insecurity outfit McAfee has issued a new report which suggests that gamers might make good candidates for cybersecurity jobs. The cybersecurity outfit surveyed 300 senior security managers and 650 security professionals at major corporations. And 78 percent of respondents said that the current generation entering the workforce — […]

Gamification: the next disruption in pharma?

Gamification is a little bit like wrapping your dog’s heart-worm medicine in bacon. It takes an unpleasant or possibly mysterious process and turns it into something fun. More than that, it turns something with potential life-and-death significance into something we’re willing to undertake on a regular basis. The application of digital technologies and game-like functionality […]

Dungeons and Dragons, not chess and Go: why AI needs roleplay

Everyone had died – not that you’d know it, from how they were laughing about their poor choices and bad rolls of the dice. As a social anthropologist, I study how people understand artificial intelligence (AI) and our efforts towards attaining it; I’m also a life-long fan of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), the inventive fantasy […]