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Video: Understanding player autonomy in game design

In this 2017 GDC session, Immersyve’s Scott Rigby explains why it’s valuable for developers to have a nuanced understanding of player autonomy. Rigby discusses how autonomy is often misunderstood to mean “giving players freedom,” which can lead to player frustration and disappointment rather than satisfaction. He outlines an accurate blueprint of what autonomy actually means […]

Video: Building strong player attachment through narrative

What’s the secret to creating compelling narratives that will encourage emotional attachment among players? In this 2017 GDC talk, game designer Harrison Pink dives deep into the lessons learned (and mistakes made) creating fully realized characters in games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Mafia III. It was an insightful talk […]

Rome: Total War

The first podcast in the 30 years of play series shines a light on Rome: Total War. The third game in Creative Assembly’s Total War series, Rome represented a major shift in both the series and the fortunes of Creative Assembly, and was a big step in bringing video game culture in line with other […]

“Hello friends, you voted for a thread on choice design theory yesterday and I’m having a lunch break so I shall deliver! Here’s some interes […]”

Hello friends!This is my first thread, here i take on an absolutely false narrative propagated by the congress leaning ecosystem, according to which “Modi govt collects taxes from Middle class and doesn’t give them any benefits”. Please Spread the word on ground- ⚡️Housing loan of ₹30 Lakh (Women) Year Interest rate EMI/lakh2014- 10.30% Rs 9302018- […]

Welcome to 30 years of play

The 30 Years of Play campaign aims to celebrate the past, present and future of the UK interactive entertainment industry through a range of content, events and activities. Coinciding with Ukie’s 30th birthday, the campaign aims to tell the stories behind the influential UK video game industry. It’ll explain how the sector evolved from its […]

Towards Creating an Open Definition of Gamification

Ok, so here we are again, looking at the definition of gamification. I have defined it a few times, as have many others. However, this time I am approaching it from a slightly different angle. Having just been at Gamification Europe, I have realised that my militant stand on needing a definition for gamification is […]