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Gamification is more than just creating some mechanisms around rewards and motivation. In his online lectures on gamification, Kevin Werbach – an Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at Wharton School – explained about some of the design rules which underpin gamification and game design:

  1. The Player Journey – Like with most journeys, games tend to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Kevin explained that the journey starts with “onboarding”; finding a way to get the player in the game. The next step is “scaffolding”, which involves helping the game player to play the game. Finally, “pathways to mastery” are all about the player perfecting his/her grasp of the game. A good example is the game “Plants vs Zombies” which offers its players feedback, limited options and makes it impossible for players to fail. These aspects of the player journey are there to make it as easy as possible for players to get into the game without having to refer to a manual.
  2. Balance in the game – In his lectures, Kevin stressed the importance of ensuring that the game is constantly in balance, not making the game …read more