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Nick Pelling GWC

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We couldn’t continue organizing a conferenfe about gamification without having with us the presence of Nick Pelling, the father or the term. It was in 2002 when Nick, a British old-school computer games programmer, decided to transfer his knowledge about games to another distant contexts.

Now, some years later, Nick will be opening the talks journey of #GWC14 making us remembering that gamification inception, but before of this, we have done him some interesting questions to know more about his thought of past, present and future gamification.

As the father of the term “gamification”, how do you remember its inception?
It was much like most births, one of equal parts wonderment and pain.

Has gamification evolved as you expected?
Back in 2002, the vision I had was one of bringing the lessons of the computer games world to the rest of industry, by developing (a) content publishing platforms and (b) immersive user interfaces.

Of course, we now call these (a) iTunes, App Store, Google Play, Kindle, etc, and (b) UX, touch interfaces, Oculus Rift, etc. So …read more

Via: Nick Pelling: The Gamification Inception.