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Adam has worked as a game designer and game consultant for educational and serious games all around in Scandinavia. He has wrote the first, and as for today, the only book in Swedish about Gamification. Today Adam is a Ph.D. candidate in Informatics at the University of Skövde. He also works as a gamification designer and evangelist at the Swedish gamification studio Insert Coin.

Since he is doing his Ph.D. through an industrial fellowship (the company is paying for it) he is spending around 60% at that, doing research about gamification and completion in higher education. It is about tackling with gamification the engagement crisis in higher ed, which has strong financial consequences for institutions all around the world but of course he is focused in Scandinavia. All of the engagers send him the best of success in this awesome task! On the other hand he is also doing a lot of demos, lectures and workshops to evangelize gamification, and of course he is also designing gamification at Insert Coin. In industrial settings he has found that they take empirical data, evidence and …read more