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Ninja Theory’s decision to release Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was brave. Though it was wrapped in what seemed like the typical trappings of Triple A video games – including its darkly beautiful aesthetic and all encompassing audio design – its subject matter was brave.

Placing the player in the shoes of a character suffering from psychosis, Hellblade wasn’t just a game; it was an uncompromising – yet sensitively handled – look at mental health that educated as much as it entertained.

This is what helped it earn the BAFTA for Best British Game Award. But it also earned the inaugural BAFTA Game Beyond Entertainment award for its work in bringing the plight of psychosis sufferers to a wider audience. And as anyone who has played Hellblade would attest, its portrayal is considerably more impactful because it can be played, rather than simply viewed.

So, which game will be considered the best British game of 2018? Well, we’ll find out on Thursday 4th April at this year’s BAFTA Game Awards.

But there are a few familiar names for us to keep an eye on. Overcooked 2 and The Room: Old Sins both make the list, years after the original games in the series …read more