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Preventing Social Media Mayhem with Livecube

In late 2013, Gabe traveled to 12 cities worldwide for GSummit Global, a series of full-day workshops and meetups to bring GSummit closer to gamification fans. As a part of GSummit Global, we also released 10 new webinars and videos by gamification and engagement professionals. We will be releasing them publicly as we keep counting down to GSummit 2014.

This week, Aaron Price, co-founder of Livecube and founder of NJ Tech Meetup, will share his learnings after successfully gamifying social media at events, including GSummit for the past 2 years. We are also doing it this year, so stay tuned and participate to win awesome prizes!

Social media at events is noisy and distracting. Twitter stream usability at events get bogged down by constant refreshes, while users trying to tweet with your event hashtag might misspell it or get distracted by the newest Kardashian scandal alert. Aaron saw the need to provide event attendees with a fun, almost private environment for participating in the social conversation and engaging with other attendees. That’s how Livecube was born! Aaron also shares the 4 key learnings that will …read more