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BudgetPedalChap and Matt Quine do a podcast, as per the usual. We discuss the unearthing of some old guitars and how that can inspire some creativity. We get all talky talky about some new offerings coming from our man at Fletcher pickups and the first impressions on the new set in the Snotburst SG. We take a peek at some of the most interesting picks from the guitar media recently, mulling over some sound clips of the new Danelectro series of pedals and Snake Oil pedals. We take a peak at a tasty pick from the Harley Benton range thanks to InTheBlues and check out DaveRage with his review of the amazing Maybury Dante T-type. Thanks once again for your patronage and if you haven’t already, take a look below and get yourself singed up to PBOD and the Fret Talk Podcast groups for news and weekly guitar chat too.

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