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Emerging technologies are amazing in their own right. Think the internet of things, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and voice. Taken one step further, their potential to breathe new life into the mobile space is huge, possibly leading to the point where, experts say, consumers might not even need a screen at all to interact with their devices.

This will have massive effects on brands’ mobile design process and strategy. It also will shift the way they interact with their on-the-go consumers.

“For marketers, the world five years from now represents both a challenge and an opportunity. New technologies will continue to lay fertile ground for more consumer engagement, but, at the same time, the proliferation of touch points will increase the complexity of delivering a coherent consumer journey,” said Carlos Sandrea, VP and head of mobile at MediaMath. “Mobile will become the predominant media channel and will be defined beyond our smartphones to include wearables, connected cars, VR-power devices, and chatbots.”

Voice will have the largest impact on mobile design, according to Tom Anderson, GM of mobile at TripleLift. Indeed, mobile voice has an advantage over other voice-enabled …read more