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The profile of skateboarding games has gone downhill (ahem) since the heyday of Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, and even EA’s physics-based Skate games.

A few trends have affected big-brand skateboarding franchises, and one factor may be this: It’s generally (with some exceptions) been a slow transition from arcade fun with simple button presses translating into stellar tricks to more complicated, harder-to-grasp systems that exclude audiences who’d otherwise play an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master skateboarding game.

Glass Bottom Games, the minds behind the adorable SkateBird, is on a mission to bring accessibility back to the skateboarding genre by fusing the best elements of Pro Skater with those of Skate

“We’re trying to combine the best parts of both Skate and the Tony Hawk games. We want you to roll up a halfpipe and have that physical feel that the Pro Skater games didn’t have.” said Glass Bottom Games programmer and designer Megan Fox. “We realized there was this cool middle ground. Skate is fun but its super inaccessible to play and we wanted to mitigate that.”

The idea behind SkateBIRD, a charming skater featuring a bird shredding through a table-top sized, Toy Story-like park, came after Fox found a gif of a …read more