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[title]Connect IT: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Technology

Earlier this year, a Gallup poll surveyed teachers who left the profession. Nearly a third (29 percent) left due to relocation or health issues. Looking at the 71 percent who were left, 16 percent of those teachers were terminated, and 60 percent said they left because of issues with career advancement or development.

Gallup researchers surmised that although many districts focus on professional development, “these opportunities might not be individualized to teachers’ specific growth and development needs.” Administrators may be baffled by those results, but they shouldn’t be.

While traditional professional development is important — in-person and group education — today’s teachers need access to fast approaching and more relevant opportunities that cater to their personal goals.

Several technology-based tools can take PD to the next level, boosting problem solving and communication between staffers and inspiring teachers to use those educational tools to create their own student-facing lessons. Digital breakouts in conjunction with badging are a few of the best — and easiest — to implement. They may even gamify planning and development in rewarding ways.

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