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Project Hospital is the latest entry into the field of medical center simulations, which is usually covered in a tongue-in-cheek way, such as with both Bulfrog and Krisalis’ Theme Park Hospital and Two Point and Sega’s upcoming Two Point Hospital.

Oxymoron Games’ Project Hospital takes a more realistic approach in terms of the medicine involved, although some side aspects are simplified or even fictionalized for a better play experience. Lead programmer Jan BeneŇ° kindly answered some questions about its development for us.

The origin of Oxymoron Games can be tracked some years back, when most of the team members were still employees in different bigger studios in Prague or Helsinki, thinking (and talking) about working on our own games one day. The experience with a variety of games from third-person action games, like Mafia II and III or Quantum Break, to different genres like sports or simulation games turned out to be really useful when starting a new project from scratch.

Reality and depth seems to have worked really well for us. Most of the recent games tackling the hospital theme are very casual and simple, their content has mostly nothing in common with real hospitals. On the other hand Project Hospital is …read more