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What an easy childhood we had: long before we started having discussions about heightened aggressive or antisocial traits in children, or about parents limiting the time their kids were allowed to game, we were free to play Nintendo day and night without anyone worrying about our mental capacity or social skills.

We were ecstatic when we found the Special Zone on Super Mario World, Link getting his master sword in the Legend of Zelda momentarily took our breath away and the release of the Nintendo 64 left us unresponsive for a good three weeks.

Nintendo has not only shaped the childhood of an entire generation; the consoles have, in a way, made us who we are — several studies have shown video games have a positive effect not only on our brains but, contrary to popular belief, on our behaviour towards others.

Nintendo players are smarter

In 2013, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development came to the conclusion that gaming increases the mass of grey matter in areas important for spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic thinking and fine motor skills.

The researchers let adults play “Super Mario 64” for 30 …read more