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Discussing chapter three of learning pedagogies within an educational technology context during our seminar has brought to light an interesting approach called games-based learning. With the versatility of games technologies and software, there’s a lot of potentials to combine other pedagogies together. We get many educational games that target individuals to let them learn a topic in an engaging manner, but that only really supplements one type of learning and that is cognitivism based. What there seemed to a lack of in the market are educational games that encourage social learning even though there plenty of multiplayer games out there that can be leveraged for use in education.

A game that immediately popped into mind is Overcooked.

Overcooked is a collaborative cooking game that tasks players to work together to deliver dishes on time. Producing the meals is akin to constructionist learning (a meal is constructed with the right ingredients); the local coop play allows for social constructivist and collaborative learning to take place also. What’s unique to games though is the motivation to gain high scores to unlock bigger levels, players must strategize the most efficient way of working together and deal with failure, these aspects are unique to games-base …read more