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As with any skill, research takes practice. The more students search, the better they will become at finding what they need online. I use A Google a Day to “gamify” research in my classroom.

After I present tips for searching smarter , I want students to have ample opportunities to practice those tips and strategies. A Google a Day is a free game offered by Google that presents 6 trivia questions each day. If students opt to play the “basic game,” there is no sign in required and they can access the first three questions. If they sign in with their Google+ account, they have access to all six questions.

Students are timed and receive points based on how long it takes them to correctly answer each question. The faster students search, the higher their scores will be. New questions are posted daily and relate to a variety of categories ranging from sports to history to science.

Tips for getting the most out of A Google a Day:

> Put students into “teams” or groups as they play. They tend to have more stamina when working together, and the competitive element motivates them to stay focused.

If possible, make sure […]