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Many years ago I was looking at starting up a self defence class (I was teaching JuJitsu at the time). This document was based on conversations with people who had been attacked and reading up on the topic at the time. I never did anything with it, but now that I have daughters, it is central to how I talk to them about self defence – or more accurately – self preservation. After years of tweaking and a few days of conversation on facebook recently, I felt I could publish it. My hope is that the advice here, the advice I give my own daughters, can be of help to others should they need it.

A serious note, this is just an article. Any advice in here is taken at your own risk and I will take no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of that!

  • It is estimated that over 50,000 rapes are committed every year.
  • On average, only 13,000 (25%) are reported.
  • 15% go to trial.
  • 6% lead to rape convictions. That is around 800 of the 50,000.
  • The UK has one of the lowest conviction rates in Europe.

5 main points of Self Preservation – C.A.R.E.S.

You Attacker
Avoid / …read more

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