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Until recently, there wasn’t much point taking your smartphone to a summer festival. With tens of thousands of people converging in the middle of the countryside, it was impossible to get a signal, and your battery was likely to expire on the first day anyway.

But things are changing. Coverage has improved markedly in recent years, and event organisers are starting to embrace mobile technology with official festival apps and onsite charging facilities – a more popular attraction than many of the bands, judging by the size of the queues.

Lowering the bar

For this year’s Glastonbury Festival, EE came up with a clever little thing called the Festival Power Bar – not a snack, but a baton-shaped battery costing £20 that could be easily carried around and used to recharge your phone over a regular USB cable as needed. Fully discharged bars could be swapped for freshly-charged ones at the EE tent, so you could keep on trucking without too much hanging around.

Predictably, the bars sold out long before the festival opened. Unfortunately, I suspect those who invested found themselves traipsing back to the exchange point rather more often than they’d anticipated.

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