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Two teachers with a combined three decades of classroom experience have created an online resource that gives parents tools to help their elementary school children.

Cohesion Education is a subscription-based online library filled with videos on math, reading, and writing concepts for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, and intended to give parents insight into what their kids are learning. The lessons are created and taught by certified teachers.

Jim Szewc and Greg Cazzola co-founded the company after seeing the frustrations parents faced in not knowing how to help their children.

Jim Szewc, co-founder and CEO, Cohesion Education

“We said we want to create the Netflix of education,” said Szewc, who is CEO. “We don’t want this to replace the instruction from the teacher or the support they may be getting from a tutor or from their parents themselves, but just give the parents a view into what a lesson looks like in a typical elementary school.”

The videos launched after the Christmas break, but Szewc and Cazzola have worked on the business for about two years, bootstrapping operations with about $100,000 of their own funds. Almost all the money has gone into production. There are 637 videos, five to 10 minutes in length. …read more