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Rote learning–using a mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned–is dead. Gamification is the new star in training. The business world is convinced: a 2011 Gartner report suggested 70% of Global 2000 organizations would be using gamified applications by this year. We’re in a new era of play-based training—fun, video-game inspired learning that not only “hooks” learners but better prepares them with the skills they need to perform their jobs well.

The case is simple and compelling: games engage some of the most basic human instincts, and people like playing them . In fact, according to a report by Spil Games (PDF) , 1.2 billion people in the world were playing video games last year. That’s 1.2 billion people electively engaging in skill mastery . Enjoyable, meaningful, self-motivated, practice and learning. It makes sense to empower other forms of education with those same, incredibly attractive, features.

But how does your organization specifically benefit by adopting a gamified approach to compliance or training programs?

You engage learners —effortlessly. Gamification adds an element of play to training, and play is fun, right? Fun learning doesn’t require the same force-yourself-to-learn-because-you-have-to willpower of traditional corporate training techniques. Play also incorporates competition, an important […]