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Earlier this year a training participant stopped me mid sentence and asked if she could share something right there and then. Puzzled for a moment there, I encouraged her to. She expressed her surprise for the fact that at multiple occasions in the training it had seemed to her the content was designed keeping “ just her” in mind. The scenarios and learning methods seemed to have been lifted from “her life”. Others chimed in agreement. Everyone wondered how had that come to be.

Everyone except me! It was all by good design of course.

In order to catalyze active participation from learners, one needs to see things from their perspective. There needs to be designed a narrative that fuels their individual learning journey. The task thus, is to enable learners to identify the issues they need to work on, seek pathways to find solutions to these issues and clarify personal values that will support their journey on being in the driver seat to their goals. Unless a learner understands that they carry a reservoir of skills and experiences and lifelong learning inside them to rely on, in their path …read more