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“One thing that is important for us is that we are very emotional about making games and playing games[…] Those emotions that breed thoughts are the emotions that we want to have in our game.”

11 Bit Studios’ two most recent projects, This War of Mine and Frostpunk, all use the medium of video games to explore larger, social issues. In a talk at this year’s Game Developers Conference, co-founders Przemyslaw Marszal and Michal Drozdowski explained that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, for a split second, that almost wasn’t the case. They explain that after the development of This War of Mine, a strategic game that deals with the hardships faced by civilians during wartime, the team was mentally exhausted from working on a project that deals with such heavy themes.

“After This War of Mine, we were very mentally tired. We didn’t want to do this hard mentally tiring game […] so we thought hey maybe we’ll do some ‘gamer’s game’ with a cool idea and cool gameplay,” says Marszal. “But at the end it just sucked.”

“This was the moment that we realized ‘hey from now on we will do meaningful games.’ We can’t do another game …read more