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It’s the zombie apocalypse.

Survivors have left the bunker and are running supplies to towns nearby. They’re moving quickly through cities and forests — trying their best to make it past the hordes of flesh- hungry monsters that are hot on their trail.

No, this isn’t an episode of “The Walking Dead.” It’s a wellness program — and the entire office is in on it.

The program, called the Outbreak, is the brainchild of health tech company FIX Health. Mike Tinney, CEO and founder of the company, says the game is a corporate health walking challenge that encourages employees to get up, move around and defeat some zombies in the process. The number of steps workers take directly correlates to their ability to escape the zombies, Tinney says. The farther they go in the game, the more difficult the zombies are to overcome (including a zombie bear).

“They’re playing in a simulated zombie outbreak,” he says. “They have to get to safe locations, and those locations require a certain amount of steps to reach.”

FIX Health released an early version of the game in 2015 after testing a number of different ideas — including alien and sports-themed games — and zombies …read more