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Union Metrics Super Fan

The brands you follow on Instagram may be paying close attention to you — very close attention, in fact.

Union Metrics, the social analytics company behind the Twitter analytics service TweetReach, added an Instagram analytics tool on Wednesday. A major benefit to Union Metrics’ customers is the ability to get detailed information about the followers who interact with its posts.

The new analytics offering includes what Union Metrics calls “detailed participant reporting,” a tool that allows brands to identify their biggest fans within Instagram. Brands will be able to create timelines depicting the comments and likes from each fan, a heat map of when each fan comments and likes, and breakdowns of how often those fans engage with the brand.

In essence, brands will be able to pinpoint their biggest fans, helping them plan and execute their Instagram strategy.

“A deeper understanding of your fans and the people that are participating in your conversation really helps you to target your content,” Hayes Davis, CEO of Union Metrics, told Mashable. “There is no such thing as too much …read more