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Learn to Code with a Drone

Did you know that you can code your own drone? Tynker and Parrot have joined forces to teach kids Computer Science fundamentals through hands-on experimentation. The new Parrot Mambo Code is a special bundle that includes a 6-month Tynker subscription and a minidrone. Join for FREE …read more

5 storytelling tips from a Disney Pixar veteran

While video games are interactive in nature and have specific challenges when it comes to storytelling, Matthew Luhn, a story consultant who spent 20 years at Pixar, shared some useful tips drawn from his experience working in linear media. “Stories help us understand the world, spread ideas, entertain, and most importantly feel something,” he told […]

How to articulate EVP

Delivering EVP through employer branded experiences So, you have begun your own company-wide introspection to define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), or have already defined it, now it’s time to think about delivery, or in other words, how to articulate and bring your EVP to life in employee experience terms. As a reminder, the EVP […]

Humans only able to maintain five relationships in their inner-circle, 150 in their outer-circle: study

A professor of evolutionary psychology says human beings cannot maintain more than 150 friendships — or five close friendships — at any given time, and claims he has proven it using phone call data sets in his new study. Robin Dunbar came up with his theory of Dunbar’s Numbers in the early 1990s. The idea […]

No Lives Left: Why A No-Deal Brexit Could Demolish The UK Video Game Industry

The UK video game industry is a resounding modern success story for the country. It contributes impressively to the economy, generating a gross value add of £2.87bn in 2016, according to the BFI. It is a driver of employment, helping nearly 50,000 people into jobs up and down the land. Development studios based in the […]

Why Gamification?

Before answering the question of “Why Gamification”, it probably makes sense to wrap our heads around “What is Gamification?” for this discussion. If you look around, you will find several different definitions. From a non-academic perspective, the most useful way to define gamification is “The use of games or game-like experiences to increase motivation and […]

Video: How Gauntlet paved the way for class-dependent multiplayer

People take Dungeons & Dragons-style class-based heroes for granted in their favorite games now, but Atari’s Gauntlet brought that staple multiplayer feature to arcades and consoles for the first time with its Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, and Elf. In this GDC 2012 talk, Gauntlet creator Ed Logg, who also designed ground-breaking titles like Centipede and Asteroids, […]

Google+ circling the drain or a great place to hangout?

For those who don’t yet know, Google+ is Google’s latest entry into the world of social networking. After Wave and Buzz, you have to wonder why – but more on the question why later. Here are some thoughts based on a few days usage. The Basics.Upon registering you are asked to fill in a rather […]

Leaving the comforts of linear design behind to create the first Assassin’s Creed

“When you give freedom to people, it’s more about systems, and the system will take care of a bunch of narrative moments.” – Creative director Patrice Désilets recalls the early development of Assassin’s Creed. Polygon has published an extensive oral history that speaks with developers across several disciplines to chronicle the origins of Ubisoft’s flagship […]