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Playing Nintendo as a child can make you smarter, research says

What an easy childhood we had: long before we started having discussions about heightened aggressive or antisocial traits in children, or about parents limiting the time their kids were allowed to game, we were free to play Nintendo day and night without anyone worrying about our mental capacity or social skills. We were ecstatic when […]

Self Preservation

Many years ago I was looking at starting up a self defence class (I was teaching JuJitsu at the time). This document was based on conversations with people who had been attacked and reading up on the topic at the time. I never did anything with it, but now that I have daughters, it is […]

YouTube’s Biggest Stars Are Pushing a Shady Polish Gambling Site

Untold riches are promised on Mystery Brand, a website that sells prize-filled “mystery boxes.” If you buy one of the digital boxes, some of which cost hundreds of dollars, you might only get a fidget spinner—or you might get a luxury sports car. For just $100, users can win a box filled with rare Supreme […]

The History Of Video Games, By The Numbers

111 billion: according to research firms, that’s how much revenue the video game industry will generate in 2015. (It’s also roughly the same number of times we’ve played Mario Kart.) From the Madden franchise’s remarkable success rate in picking Superbowl winners to the (likely apocryphal) story that Space Invaders drained Japan of 100 Yen coins, […]

Here are 6 ways Google tricks you into letting it track your location

The six examples form the backbone of a report from the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) that alleges Google has broken the EU’s strict GDPR regulations by using “deceptive practices” to trick users into enabling its location tracking services. As BEUC wrote in a blog post: Location data can reveal a lot about people, including religious […]