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Gamification Design Framework Toolkit

Gamification Design Framework toolkit has been created as a way to help you design better gamified solutions. It is based on my Gamification Design Framework, a systematic way of building solutions that I have developed over the years.


School Grades Are The Wrong Way Around

I often hear people say that school is just a badly designed game. I have to agree. I also hear a lot that part of the problems is people chasing grades rather than mastery and that grades should be dropped. I have to partially disagree. I totally agree that school...

Some Emotions and their Opposites 2

Emotions and Gamification

You may have noticed in my newest design framework that I mention emotions for the first time (I think) as a full consideration in my design process. I am by no means the first to think about it in a design framework. If you look at the MDA framework 1 the...


The Paradox of Play

Play from the Start When we are born, we don’t have a set of predefined rules imprinted on us about what we should and shouldn’t do or how we should and shouldn’t do it! Babies have a totally open and clear mind. They spend their time learning everything they can,...


Gamification Element: Investment

I have just added a new element to the gamification periodic table, investment. Whilst I have Loss Aversion and a few other things that may seem similar, I have felt for some time that there was still an ingredient missing. It turns out, it was investment (I think…). Now, you...


New Job, New Challenges, New fun!

In August 2016, I started as a freelance consultant, contracting largely for Gamification Nation. An Coppens (CEO of Gamification Nation) and I had been friends in the industry for a number of years and almost as soon as I was made redundant from G2G3 and announced I was available for...


4 Tips to Balance Your Gamification

There is nothing worse than playing against people who are miles ahead of you in terms of either ability or equipment. It is very demoralising to lose time and time again when in reality you never have a chance. Take leaderboards as a good example. Very often the people at...


The Games Invasion: Why it is Good!

In 2010, game designer Jesse Schell spoke at the DICE summit about the impending invasion of games into everyday life. Many people felt the talk had a semi-apocalyptic feel, but I came away with a different opinion. His final words were words of potential positivity – if we took the...


What’s the difference between Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Rewards

A very common question in gamification is “What is the difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic” when talking about rewards and motivation. Well.. Intrinsic motivation: Personal/internal needs and reasons acting. Relatedness, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are examples of this. You don’t play video games for the reward, you play because you...

Gamification Design Framework Overview 3

A Revised Gamification Design Framework

I have created various gamification design frameworks over the years and this is the latest. It consists of three main phases; Define, Design / Build and Refine. Each phase contains iterative steps to consider as you build your solution. Big thanks to Roberto M. Alvarez Bucholska for being a great sounding board...

Periodic Table of Gamification Elements 0

The Periodic Table of Gamification Elements

Just a quick post to officially introduce the Periodic Table of Gamification Elements. This is all 51 of my Gamification Mechanics and Elements in a pretty table 🙂 Buy the poster here My next blog will be explaining my new design framework, but as a teaser here is a quick...


Schools, Rewards and FFS

Chatting to my daughter today and she was telling me about the latest incentive/bribe scheme the school was running to get kids using RM Easimaths – a gamified maths app. The app, by the way, is brilliant. The set up was this. Most hours on the app gets a prize…...


What Does a Gamification Consultant Do??

A question that I ask on a very regular basis, once I have explained what gamification is, is “What does a gamification consultant actually do?” Well, this short video should help you get the idea! Oh and my Gamification Journey Worksheet is still only £10 – going up to 15...