Will I buy an iphone 4?

Will I buy an iphone 4?

I am definitely looking at it. I was all set to but a desire, but iphone 4 just seems to push me over to the dark side. I am not an Apple fan at all and have avoided iphone for a long while, despite most of my friends and colleagues having them. But times move on and so it would seem does the iphone.

So what has turned me? Does it have any exciting new features that no other phone has? Erm.. not really. Is it the best looking on the market? Possibly. Has Steve Jobs eaten my soul? No in fact he was one of the main reasons I was not wanting one!!

However, what iphone does, it does extremely well. It may not be the first to have video chat, but if anyone will make it popular, Apple will! The camera is not the highest resolution on the market, but it does seem to take some extremely good pictures, which is all I need on a phone!

I love the new camera features and the OS update has addressed many of my usability issues. In fact every time I have told an iphone user why I don’t want one, Apple has addressed that very issue. MMS, copy and paste, and video to name a few.

Ok so it may not do Flash, and as much as I hate them for this, if I am honest most flash sites don’t look great on any mobile (but it would be nice to have it none the less!).

Another point to bear in mind is that I am a huge gamer and also run a review site (www.yars.co.uk). The fact that iphone is gaining ground in this area very rapidly is almost enough reason on its own.

In the US thee is just one carrier for the Iphone, which is causing some problems for people. However in the UK, most carriers seem to be offering the iphone 4, so there is a decent amount of choice out there.

So will I buy an iphone? Probably. I may be following the heard, but if the price is right, this is one time I am happy to join the flock!

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