If the Internet came to an end tomorrow…

What if, the Internet came to an end tomorrow? What would you do?

I keep in contact with lots of remote friends via email, twitter, forums and messenger. If the Internet ended, I would have to actually talk to these people over the phone. I would be limited to just dealing with people one at a time and giving them my full attention.

All of a sudden I would go from having hundreds of Facebook friends and Twitter friends to just a handful of people whose phone numbers I actually have. Less if you asked me which I had addresses for.

I would have to go and see people face to face. If I wanted a group chat, I would need to interact in public places like pubs and restaurants.

No longer could I sit in my front room, with my headset on, shouting at ignorant teens on Call of Duty.

Mmm, you know what – doesn’t sound so bad after all!

The point is, it is very easy in this day and age to forget that there was a world before the Internet. Companies got on just fine using “old” tech.

Seriously, sit down for a moment and think what would happen in your workplace if the Internet was down for a week. What would you do? Do you have a back up plan?

Could you work with paper, phone and post?

Have you put all of your money into the latest and greatest Social Advertising plan or have you got a blended media approach. Are you able to hit every corner of the market – even those who don’t use twitter or Facebook (yes there are a more of them out there than you may like to think!!).

Of course this is a very narrow look, but if you plan to do things in a blended way, without relying on any one technology or platform, then even if the internet never went down you would still be able to reach more people than before!

Now, where’s my flint – I have a camp fire to start!

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2 thoughts on “If the Internet came to an end tomorrow…”

  1. “Mmm, you know what – doesn’t sound so bad after all!” – That’s just crazy talk. My heart nearly stopped by the idea of having no internet! 😉


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