Gamification, Hypocrisy, Snoop Dogg and Words

Screen 2 Gamification Hypocrisy Snoop Dogg and Words

Andrzej Marczewski

Gamification Expert, author, consultant and designer. I love to write about it, talk about it and bore people to death with it! If you really want to get to know me, check out the About page.

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6 Responses

  1. finneycanhelpfinneycanhelp says:

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more “.. chosen a definition of gamificaiton and we have mostly agreed to stick to it…” Rock on! I storified about how I know it will live forever.

  2. karlkappkarlkapp says:

    I think I lean toward your umbrella but, alas, I agree, it would be hard to gain widespread acceptance of that usage.

  3. Stafford McKayStafford McKay says:

    I like the idea of gamification being an umbrella for everything related to “the application of game mechanics in non-traditional gaming environments”. They from there we can have things like “Enterprise Gamification” (motivating employees to meet business goals) “Consumer Gamification” (awarding buyers for loyalty, etc), “Social Gamification” and so on… As a gamified Open Source CRM, we’re always thinking about how the concept is evolving and being defined. When we started there were zero best practices to be found. It’s incredible how quickly it’s all coming together and being adopted.

  4. Hemant NagwekarHemant Nagwekar says:

    I remember watching these adverts on youtube which had gamification used for engaging audience. There was not gratification other than a good old fashion entertainment. But its gamification non the less.

  1. December 29, 2013

    […] Gamification, Hypocrisy, Snoop Dogg and Words […]

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