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10 iOS Apps I just can’t live without

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I thought whilst I was listing things, I would give a list of my essential iOS apps. I find these types of lists interesting, so hope you will as well!

1. Evernote – Free (with pro options)

I genuinely could not function without this app. I have it on any device I can! If you don’t know, it is a cloud based note taking app.  It allows you to create an organise notes and pictures and then synchronise them to the web and to any other devices with the app on it. It means I can start writing on my phone, then move to the iPad and then to the PC should I need to! If you work mobile, you need this app.

Download from iTunes

2. Tweetbot (3.5) – £2.99

This is my Twitter app of choice on the iPhone. It allows me to just view the lists I want to read, with the ability to do most things with simple swipes. It is simple and intuitive and has nice features, like being able to save links straight to Pocket. Not as good on the iPad though, so I use Hootsuite, which has many benefits on the larger screen. It allows for multiple columns of info as well as being synchronised to the web version.

Download from iTunes

3. Notability – £1.99

NotabilityThis was one of the first note taking apps  I used on the iPad and I have stuck with it ever since. It is amazingly flexible, can sync to the cloud (including DropBox) and can save your notes as PDF. It is a must have app if you want to use a stylus as well!

Download from iTunes


4. FTP On The Go Pro –  £6.99

As a web designer and a blogger, FTP Pro is essential for managing files. It allows you to upload and download from your device and from DropBox. It also has a built in editor that is easy to use and handy for essential updates on the go.

Download from iTunes

5. Kindle from Amazon – Free


The Kindle app from Amazon is a must have if you read e-books. I love the interface and the fact that page locations are synchronised. If I start reading a book on my iPad, then move to the iPhone later  – it will put me on the last page a read. Most use if you actually use Amazon of course!

Download from iTunes

6. GoodReader – £2.99

This is a multi-purpose document reader. It is especially helpful if you have lots of PDFs stored in something like DropBox. It is handy for organising, but also you are able to annotate and highlight documents.

Download from iTunes


7. DropBox – Free

Another essential for me. If you use DropBox to store files in the cloud, then the app is a no brainer. Simple and easy to use, this gives you access to all of your documents, a built in preview and the ability to upload and download straight from the app.

Download from iTunes


8. LogMeIn – Free

LogMeInIf, like me, you spend any time syupporting family members PC’s, LogMeIn is a must have. It lets you connect to a remote PC direct from your phone or iPad and remote control it. Really handy when I am sat at work and my Dad has an emergency!

Download from iTunes

9. Textastic – £5.99

TextasticIf you work with websites or code, then it becomes clear that the iPad could be a handy tool to use on the go, however the keyboard is not realyl suited for web design or coding work. Textastic offers some features that can help, with syntax hghlighting for loads of languages, extra keys to make coding realted characters easier to get to, FTP access to sites as well as cloud storage. Real desktop code editing on the go.

Download from iTunes

10. FTL: Faster Than Light – £6.99

Faster than LightFaster than Light, my current game addiction on the go. If you watched Star Trek as a kid and ever wanted to know what it was like to be Captain Kirk or Captain Piccard (or Janeway for that matter), then this is the game for you. Be warned, you will lose hours of your life to this!

Download from iTunes


Honorable mentions:

Not in my essentials, but still apps that I love.

  • WordPress: Handy for managing my blogs on the go.
  • Netflix: Great if I am not allowed near the TV by the kids! (iPlayer also)
  • Facebook: We all know what it is 🙂
  • Rory’s StoryCubes – £1.49: A game and story telling device based on dice with icons. Amazing fun to play with kids or if you are short of inspiration.
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates! – £0.69: One of my all time favourite games that I have played on almost every format it has ever come out on. Be a Pirate!

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