Gamification User Journey Planning Workbook

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To go along with my Gamification User Journey Framework, I have created a workbook to help you plan out your user journeys and gamification ideas.

The workbook consists of printable worksheets, mechanics list and instructions to enable you to work on your own or run a full workshop. You may also wish to purchase a set of Inspiration Cards to help, though they are not essential 🙂

This is the result of many years of activity, research and work and as such, I have decided to charge for the download. The initial price will be £10, but this will go up to £15 after the first 10 people have purchased, so move fast!

There are likely to be updates, which will be made available to those who have already purchased, for free of course!

Gamification User Journey Planner

User Journey Mechanics and Rewards


Get in touch with ideas for updates and future versions or if you need any clarifications.

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Rating: 5.0. From 1 vote.
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