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New Job, New Challenges, New fun!

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In August 2016, I started as a freelance consultant, contracting largely for Gamification Nation. An Coppens (CEO of Gamification Nation) and I had been friends in the industry for a number of years and almost as soon as I was made redundant from G2G3 and announced I was available for contracting, was there wanting to make use of my skills.

Over the past 8 months, we have worked on some amazing projects and proved to be a solid team. However, the life of a contractor is not an easy or a stable one. With a young family and old parents to consider, I have decided to move on to a new adventure. From today, you will find me at engagement specialists Motivait, working in gamification still, as a Senior Solution Consultant. Some of you may recognise that name, especially if you were at Gamification World Congress 2016. They were one of the sponsors and ran the sticker game throughout the event.

I wanted to thank An for her support over the last few months and wish her continuing success in the gamification world. I also look forward to sticking around as an Advisor within the Gamification Nation Alumni!

Exciting times ahead, but potentially less blog activity here for a while, as I get my head around the new challenges that this role will be throwing my way. Rest assured though, I am always on Twitter and am not going to stop boring you all to death with my gamification obsession any time soon!

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Andrzej receiving the 2016 Contribution to the Industry award.


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