How Are You?

This is from my guitar related channel, but I thought it was important to share it here as well (as I have not been sharing much here of late).

How are you? Let me know in the comments. Mental Health is a struggle many of us face and it is important to remember that you are not alone. The following link has a list of international mental health charities you can reach out to.

International Mental Health Charities

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2 thoughts on “How Are You?”

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  2. Thanks for this post Andrzej! Past few months have been tough in different ways for me, one would certainly be workload (as it has increased dramatically). Another significant one has been loss, someone close in the family, less f2f contact with some loved ones. Having said this, I must also say that I’m also doing quite well in many respects, but as you said it is good to have these things out.

    Thanks again!


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