The Dark HEXAD – Star Wars has inspired a new HEXAD!

I was having a think about the User Type HEXAD and it occurred to me that I have never considered Star Wars and how that might fit the HEXAD! You know, as you do πŸ˜€

As I did so, I was reminded of the fact that when I started building the user types, I used to split based on whether they interacted with people or a system AND if they acted on people or the system – I.E. imposed themselves on them rather than working within them.  This got me thinking about light and dark side HEXAD types. If you have seen my DODECAD you will know that there are actually 12 types in my overall taxonomy – but I really like this idea of a Dark HEXAD!

With that in mind, I present the Light HEXAD and the Dark HEXAD

The Light HEXAD

This is the basic HEXAD really, but the Player and Disruptor are a little less evil πŸ˜‰

  • Socialiser: Lando Calrissian. Whilst he started off using his vast network for less than honorable reasons, he quickly made sure he was using his skills as a crime boss for the good of the rebellion!
  • Free Spirit: Luke. He wants to explore the galaxy! Over time he evolves into an Achiever then finally a Philanthropist as he learns the ways of the force then finally starts to teach them – giving his life to save everyone!
  • Achiever: Yoda, driven by mastery of the force. Obi Wan could also have gone here with strong Philanthropist vibes by the end.
  • Philanthropist: Princess Leia – after all, it all starts with her wanting to save the galaxy.
  • Player: Han Solo. He was driven by rewards, but he tried to choose the path more honourable when it was presented to him (though he did shoot first!). Eventually he evolved into a full on Philanthropist, but he still went back to smuggling!
  • Disruptor: Qui Gon Jinn. Whilst he was a Jedi, he constantly pushed the boundaries of what was considered the rules, eventually going against the order of the council to train Anakin, because he felt the potential for change was greater than the danger he possessed. Yeah…
Image The Dark HEXAD 8211 Star Wars has inspired a new HEXAD
The Light HEXAD

The Dark HEXAD

Now, as with the Force, there are two sides to every coin and of course, the HEXAD is no different. I thought I would take a look at some of the Dark HEXAD characters – driven by motivations that seem like they are related to RAMP but are actually nothing more than selfish desires!

  • Dark Socialiser: Jabba the Hutt. He used social connections for personal gain (he was a crime lord after all) be it direct rewards, or some sort of control.
  • Dark Free Spirit: Kylo Ren. He pushed the boundaries through exploration and creativity not to improve himself or for the benefit of others, or even for enjoyment – Β or for the enjoyment of it, but to gain from it and use what he found and created to destroy.
  • Dark Achiever. Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader sits here. He built his skills in order to dominate, his vision always blurred by the chip on his shoulder, meaning that every gain he made was – at its core – about him, not others.
  • Dark Philanthropist: Well, it has to be Emperor Palpatine. So his desire was to bring peace to the galaxy – by controlling it! Often a Dark Philanthropist will be absolutely certain in their mind that what they are doing is for the greater good, but what they are actually doing is subjugating and bending others to their will.
  • Dark Player: Boba Fett driven by the thought of reward. This could also be early Han Solo, who evolves into a Philanthropist by the end of the series.
  • Dark Disruptor: General Grievous. He spent a lot of his time taking pleasure in the misery of others, creating fear and destruction wherever he went!
Image 1 The Dark HEXAD 8211 Star Wars has inspired a new HEXAD
The Dark HEXAD

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