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Ludic Spirit is a fancy term for being playful in our approach to life and the world around us. It’s something I want to explore more over the coming months as an alternative world view to gamification.

When we embrace the Ludic Spirit, we are embracing playfulness and a carefree attitude.

We are listening to that inner voice that encourages us to approach daily activities, interactions, and challenges with a light-hearted and creative attitude. It helps us to find joy in the simplest of things, whether it’s indulging in games, relishing spontaneous adventures, or just letting our imaginations run wild. This playfulness fosters a positive outlook, strengthens social bonds, and reminds us to savor life’s little pleasures.

Embracing the Ludic Spirit allows us to break free from rigid routines and brings a refreshing dose of fun and laughter into our existence.

An Example

A simple example of approaching an annoying task, is untangling something, such as a necklace or a rope.

Of course, it is irritating as you probably want that necklace right away, but, it is also a skilled challenge. If you look at it as a puzzle, rather than an annoyance, then you may actually enjoy untangling it. It requires patience, concentration and skill – just like a puzzle.

Challenge yourself to do it as fast as possible if you want to boost your Ludic factor!

Lots more in this soon.

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