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This is a simple tool I am playing with to compare 6 characteristics / elements of games and gamified apps. It is helping me to find pattern. Put the name of the game or system you want to compare. Then give a value out of 100 for each of the 6 characteristics. These should be the average that you feel matches the system.

Take a screen shot and send it over if you like!! You can also save your applications for others to compare against.

A bit more detail.

Remember, this is not science. This is about how you feel about the applications. I may feel differently about Wikipedia to you, and vica-versa.

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A few questions to help you build a profile

Answer these questions as best you can

App / Game Name
I have freedom to choose how I achieve goals.
I can customise or personalise certain aspects of the experience.
My choices have meaning and can affect the outcomes.
The challenge increases over time and as my skills get better.
I have to work hard to master the challenges that are provided.
I find that time passes un-noticed as I carry out my tasks (I am in "the zone").
What I am doing has a greater purpose or meaning than just my direct involvement.
There is a story or narrative driving the activities.
There is a social aspect to the activities.
I am able to interact with others who are involved in the same activities as me.
I get given things for being involved (Money, Virtual goods etc).
I get achievments (Like points and badges)