This check list covers the absolute basics of getting started with your personal brand!

If you don't know what personal brand is or want to know more, have a look at this article I wrote on the topic - What is personal brand and why should I care?

Your Personal Brand Basics Score is F


1) I have a Twitter account.
Twitter is a fantastic place to find new people with similar interests to you. As you tweet, chat, follow and are followed more and more, your influence and reputation will increase.
2) I have written my profile.
It is important that your profile is up to date. You only have 160 characters, so it needs to tell people who you are in the most concise way possible. Make sure you fill in your website details if you have one.
3) I have a profile picture.
Give people a face to the virtual name. It helps humanise you. Not just that, if you start going to events where other Twitter users from your circles are going, it will help them recognise you!
4) I Tweet more than once a week.
There is nothing wrong with lurking in the shadows and watching what others are doing. However, if you want to get noticed and start building your brand - you have to get involved. Tweet about things that interest you, share links and get involved in conversations.


1) I have a LinkedIn account.
LinkedIn is powerful social network with a more business related feel. You will find people here who would never consider joining sites like Twitter. If you want to get "you" seen, this is an essential place to be present.
2) I have written my profile.
LinkedIn allows you to enter a huge amount of information about yourself, all of which is important. However, make sure that you include a personal profile message that tells people more about you than just what they would find on your C.V. Tell them who you are, what you do and WHY you do it!
3) I have a profile picture.
Give people a face to the virtual name. It helps humanise you. Not just that, if you start going to events where other LinkedIn users from your groups are going, it will help them recognise you! Make sure that it has a professional look to it - not you with your mates in the pub.
4) I have started connecting to others.
Once you are on LinkedIn, it gives you a number of ways of starting to connect to people. Use them all, get as many quality connections as you can. Join groups that look interesting and get chatting to people.


1) I have a Blog.
Blogs are a great way to show the world what you are interested in and a bit more about who you are. If there is a topic that you are expert in, start writing about it on a blog. This gives you quality content to share with people and strengthens your brand immensely.
2) I write on at least a two weekly basis.
Having a blog is a good start, but it needs to have regular content. You should aim for an article at least once a week. However often you blog, make sure it is quality over quantity.
3) I have a personal address web address (eg rather that
Having your own personal domain is not an essential, but it is a nice bit of icing on the cake. If nothing else, if gives you the chance to have a more personal and memorable email address, rather than just a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo one.