How I wrote and Published a Book for Under £50

CM8poksW8AAY0mS How I wrote and Published a Book for Under 50

As you may have seen by now, I have a new book out! If you had managed to miss that, check it out here 🙂

The purpose of this blog is to give a quick overview of how I got it finished and published in print and ebook formats.

This was a project I started in around February 2015. I had been wanting to create a print version of my previous book for a while, but decided that it would be much better for everyone if I created a totally new book. It would be better value for my readers and actually better for me as it would help cement a few concepts in print! It turns out that academic world really doesn’t like referencing websites. Read More ...

Amazon: Getting customer care wrong

Customer centric header Amazon Getting customer care wrong

Recently my wife pre-ordered a book from Amazon. She put her order in the day after pre-orders opened and chose super-saver delivery. Her understandable assumption was that if she pre-ordered, then the book would at least be dispatched on the day of release. She knew she would have to wait a few days for delivery, but that was fine.

The truth was a little different. The book was due for release on the 18th of June. Looking at her delivery estimates in Amazon, it stated the book was due for dispatch on the 22nd of June with a delivery estimate of 27th of June. She was a little confused by this. Read More ...

Loyalty: What is it and how do you cultivate it?

Image 5 for jobs coleen telly your life 01 12 11 gallery 634930849 96475 Loyalty What is it and how do you cultivate it

I have been meaning to write about this for a while, but it wasn’t until I answered a question for someone yesterday that I had some words that actually made sense to me!

Old School Loyalty

When we think of loyalty, especially when we consider it in the context of gamification, we tend to think of loyalty cards , air-miles or other point collection systems. You spend £X and we will give you points that can go towards other goods or discounts. When I was a kid, we used a petrol station called Texaco. There were two reasons for this. The first, it was on the way home from church on a Saturday evening and two, it was cheaper than other local options. Something they started to do, was give you stickers based on how much petrol you bought. These stickers were used to fill up cards. These cards could then be traded in against goods – the more cards, the better the goods you could get. Using this method, my Mum and Dad managed to kit out our kitchen with new mugs, new glasses – I even got a Swiss Army Knife out of it! Read More ...