Winning isn’t everything – demotivating by allowing a win state

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Most people like to win. There is something deep down inside all of us who love to be the winner, to experience the rush that comes with beating something. It may be a game, it may be winning at sport, it may be collecting all the Pokemon. Whatever it is, you get a huge feeling of achievement – Fiero.

The trouble is, winning is short lived. Once you have won, what happens next?

In sport winning is just one part of playing the sport. One win is great, but you still need to train and train so that you can win again. Very few people can say that there is nothing left to attain in their chosen sport. Read More ...

Where has the Courage gone in the Games Industry?

Big y Where has the Courage gone in the Games Industry

As we begin to enter the world of the next gen of games consoles, I was reminded of a post I wrote for my games site Yet Another Review Site in November last year and thought it was worth a repost!

People often ask where the innovation has gone in the games industry. I have been guilty of it on the past. In fact, this article was going to be titled with that exact question.

Innovation is alive and kicking – but where is the courage?

However, the more I drafted the piece and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that innovation is still alive and kicking in our industry, albeit sometimes quietly. What is missing now is courage. Read More ...