Behaviour Change: COM-B and the 4 Pillars of Change

Combchange Behaviour Change COM B and the 4 Pillars of Change

What follows is an example of how to combine my Four Pillars of Change with a proven behavioural change model – COM-B. We will be using bounce rate on a websites homepage as the behaviour we wish to change. Companies often struggle with high bounce rates on their websites, indicating a disconnect between the website and its audience. However, with a little understanding of behaviour, we can start to sort this.

Understanding User Behaviour: The Key to Success

So, the first piece of the puzzle to creating an effective homepage is to understand user behaviour then design a user experience specific to what users want and need. Read More ...

New Solution & Gamification Design Lenses Card Deck

20210826 162544 e1639666992327 New Solution 038 Gamification Design Lenses Card Deck

For the first time in a while, I have a sort of new product for you! The Solution & Gamification Design Lenses Card Deck!

Basically it is a series of cards that contain questions related to various frameworks I use in my life as a solution designer. They cover ground from the User Type HEXAD, to the COM-B behaviour change model and lots in between – including the “What’s the worst that could happen” card!

Available through DriveThruCards, they come as a deck of 44 cards – which is actually 2 decks of the 22 cards, just to try and make them better value for you. I am also providing a downloadable deck for you if you want that instead.

Buy Them!

The link to the physical cards is

You can get the download and print deck from here [purchase_link id=”8718″ style=”plain” color=”” text=”£10 Download Buy Now!” direct=”true”]