Progress: Central to Gamification

Progress bar 3 Progress Central to Gamification

When we look at the 5 Ps of gamification, it is very easy to overlook all of the meanings of Progress. Just as a reminder, the 5 Ps are; Purpose, Progress, Proficiency, Pride and People.

Progress can mean different things to different people. If you ask the great and powerful Google, it tells you

  1. forward or onward movement towards a destination.
    “the darkness did not stop my progress”
  2. development towards an improved or more advanced condition.
    “we are making progress towards equal rights”

The first definition is what most people think about when they think about progress. Heading towards a defined destination. When people hear progress and gamification in the same sentence, they usually think of this. Read More ...

The Gamification Hexad Saves My Classroom! Guest Blog

User types and learning v2 The Gamification Hexad Saves My Classroom Guest Blog

Well, this is a first, but I hope you will agree, it is a good first! I was lucky enough to be asked to scan a chapter of a new book that gamification and education expert Scott Herbert was writing. It was all about how he had been making use of my HEXAD in his classroom and it was excellent! I asked if he would be willing to write a little blog post about his experiences, what I got was this – and I could not be happier. Enjoy my friends!


Kids do not really care for school, which as a teacher obviously makes things a little difficult. I teach Grade 8 Sciences and when you are trying to teach someone about cellular biology or the history of light they have a real hard time connecting it to their world. It’s a slippery slope. Read More ...