Schools, Rewards and FFS

Prize 1490968987 Schools Rewards and FFS

Chatting to my daughter today and she was telling me about the latest incentive/bribe scheme the school was running to get kids using RM Easimaths – a gamified maths app. The app, by the way, is brilliant.

The set up was this. Most hours on the app gets a prize…

So, anyone know where this is going?

I’ve written about his in the past 

The first thing that happened was a couple fo kids got caught out logging in to the app and just leaving it running for hours and hours. The rules, such as they were, did not prevent this as they were looking at a quantitative analysis – the number of hours, rather than qualitative for example, number of questions done per hour of use. Anyway, they put a stop to that, to an extent, but still were only really measuring time, but with a few sense checks in there. Score one for lack of understanding. Read More ...

Getting rewards right. Recognise, don’t Bribe.

Rewards recognise dont bribe Getting rewards right Recognise don 8217 t Bribe

One of the things that my daughters school like to do is give certificates to students for various achievements. Below are two that she has had over the last few months. Which one do you think she was happiest to get?

If you guessed the Gold award for reading 25 times or more in a term – you were wrong. She has half a dozen of them on the wall. The Bronze award for a “brilliant and inspiring” science experiment had her far more excited than all of the Gold awards put together.

I have mentioned our struggles to get my eldest to bond with reading and to be honest, even though she now does it quite happily, it really is not something she enjoys much. The thing is, she knows that it is something good to do and for the most part is OK with reading every night. That makes the Gold award pretty much guaranteed without having to put any abnormal effort in. Read More ...

7 Rules for Gamification

Rules rule 7 Rules for Gamification

I just thought as I had not written a post for a few days (researching for a couple of good ones!), I would put up my 7 rules  for gamification.

  • Be sure that adding gamification adds benefit for the end users.
  • Extrinsic rewards (points, prizes etc) can engage over short periods such as onboarding / enrol and enthuse phases.
  • Intrinsic motivation is essential for long term engagement and if you are looking for quality and creativity over quantity.
  • Be open about what data is collected and why. Trust is essential.
  • Define clear goals.
  • Define and collect metrics.
  • Be flexible and adapt as user needs and behaviours change.
  • Read More ...