My year of blogging 2012

2012 My year of blogging 2012

2012 draws to and end and so I present a summary of my blogs for the year!

2012 was a heck of a year for my self discovery. I had not realised until now just how many blogs I had written, covering subjects from video games to social media to gamificaiton and Harry Potter. I was also interesting to see that my switch from heavily blogging about Social Media in 2011 to blogging about Gamificaiton was almost total! Not all of it was good, some was plain wrong, but this synopsis of 2012 really shows my journey through a field that is new and exciting to me and many others. Have a great Christmas, thanks for reading my stuff and I look forward to creating loads of new content in 2013. The year will start with a great interview with Richard Bartle – I can’t wait to publish that!! Read More ...

Gamification Resources that I Like

Gamification and stuff Gamification Resources that I Like

Here is a list of resources I go back to time and time again.

There are many more and if you want to be included, please leave a comment!!

Blogs and Websites

Badgeville Blog Bunchball Blog Enterprise Gamification – Run by Mario Herger from SAP – Brilliant Wiki, now owned by Badgeville Gamified Enterprise – A blog from the people behind Badgville, but more enterprise focused

Gamify For The Win Read More ...