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  1. Hi!

    We have created a new WordPress plugin, built on the principles of gamification. It is called Easy Quiz Player and with it you can create and publish your own quizzes on your homepage, with an array of great features (i.e. points, time, leaderboard, challenges on Facebook & Twitter…).

    The selection of quiz manager plugins on WordPress is rather thin, in our opinion. Easy Quiz Player fills a void in an area that lacks a really good product that can create engagement and increase traffic by entertaining and educating your visitors.

    We have created a quiz about gamification for you, to let you experience Easy Quiz Player yourself. Can you ace this gamification test?


    We set a new standard of quiz on WordPress.

    Contact us if you want to know more about Easy Quiz Player.

    All the best,
    Olav Törnblom, CEO MillionMind (owns Easy Quiz Player)

  2. [same with me – I can’t submit the email, so I copy below…]

    Hi Andrzej

    I saw that you looked at my LinkedIn profile. I assume because you looked at my business, Yomp ( I’ve examined your profile and obviously website too. I love the way you have gamified your website – with FB integration too 🙂

    Would love to have a chat over a coffee about areas of potential mutual interest… I’m on 07528 535 835 or

    Cheers, Ronan

  3. Seems that I can’t send an email (keeps saying “null” when I try to send) so I’ll just leave my message here in the comments!
    I came across your blog while stumbling around the Google + community for Gamification. I’m really impressed with the content, so thanks for taking the time to put all of this stuff out there!

    I have a question for you, what service are you using to gamify your website for users? I really like the way it’s layed out!


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