Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Unicorn Edition

Here is a free chapter! “How to Use Narrative to Create
Deeper Experiences

Gamification Inspiration Cards

You can get the gamification inspiration cards in two ways. You can buy them as a physical deck here – https://www.drivethrucards.com/product/130329/Gamification-Inspiration-Cards–Full-Colour


You can download them directly from me, with a printable PDF (8 per page of A4) and all cards as PNG images.

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Other Books!

Over the years I have created a fair amount of paid content, here you will find quick access to the best places to buy them all.

Gamification Design Framework Toolkit Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play The Little Cog The Lonely Cog Gamification Inspiration Cards


Some Reviews from Amazon

“Insightfully conveys concepts on game science, design, deployment, and thinking. This is a foundation for integrating behavioral motivation into “funification” frameworks. Samples abound that add pragmatic and very useful examples. A must read, especially for those new to gamification.”
Michael Sutton

This book is insightful, goes into detail about the things I want to learn more about, and is written with humor to boot! I love this book!
Michael Finney

If you love gamification and use it at work or at home with your family this book is worth reading. You’ll find both the fundamentals of gamification and the smart techniques of The author. Best gamification book in my collection after Kevin Werbach’s.
Di Viola

Here is what Dr Richard Bartle has to say!

A book that dances in the space where psychology and game design meet, offering practical guidance to gamification – all tied together with Andrzej’s best-in-class categorisation of what works most appropriately for whom.


Inspiration Cards

You can now get a digital version of my gamification mechanic cards [purchase_link id=”6581″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Buy Gamification Cards” direct=”true”]

A deck of cards based on my User Types and associated game mechanics. Find out more here.

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