Gamification and the F word….

So, in my last post I set the cat amongst the pigeons a little by offering my new definition of gamification. Well, the conversations that followed were superb 🙂 That’s one of the reasons I did it, to start up the conversation again – to get people to step away from the business as usual rut gamification is now in and start think about what it actually is to us and to the client!

So here is another comment that goes against a lot of what I have said and heard in the past.


It’s a word I have avoided when discussing gamification for the same reason many do – fun is subjective.


What you find fun, I might not. There are many frameworks for fun and I will talk about my RAMP to FUN in the next blog, but I think we should be looking more and more at how we can make experiences fun. My flip side of that is to at least make it less shit!

So a new definition for you 😉

Gamification (noun) The process of making something a bit less shit and a bit more fun!

And hey – you can even buy the t-shirt 

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