Points and Badges in Gamification – Not totally evil.

Pb Points and Badges in Gamification 8211 Not totally evil

Over the last few days, the conversation about the use of points and badges has come up several times with several different people.

The stock answer in gamification these days is that points and badges are bad gamification. They are meaningless and we should be looking at intrinsic motivation more – yet almost every implementation you see of gamification will have some form of points system and probably badges.  They may be called experience points and achievements, or gami-dollars and pictograms – who knows – but they still seem to be there. Read More ...

Employer Values

First things first, thanks to everyone who has completed the User Types 2.0 survey. If you have not done so, please take a few minutes to fill it in. I am trying to make this one a little more scientific so that the results can be used to help us all build better systems!. Check out the results so far. If you have done it, but want to play with the charts a bit, you can use the User Type Analysis Tool. This lets you manually put the values in and suggests what kind of mechanics and ideas may work for the dominant user type(s). Read More ...

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